Wiping & Cleaning Cloth Services

Get a “cleaner clean” with less effort and expense

Industrial and environmentally friendly cleaning cloths
UniFirst cleaning and wiping cloths are uniquely designed for the tasks at hand.

With a UniFirst wiping and cleaning cloths program, regular laundering and inventory management services ensure you always have fresh, high quality cleaning cloths on hand when you need them.

And when the job requires highly absorbent cleaning cloths, disposables simply can't measure up. Our reusable industrial cleaning cloths, shop towels, terry cloths, and wipers are made of natural fibers for enhanced absorbency to stand up to the toughest cleaning tasks. And our versatile microfiber wipers and dusters are excellent for lint-free cleaning on a variety of hard surfaces. They come in assorted colors for task-specific identification and to help prevent cross contamination. Complete your cleaning tasks more efficiently and leave the delivery, pickup, laundering, and inventory to UniFirst.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Require less water and chemicals
  • Color coded for easy task identification
  • Environmentally friendly

UniFirst wiping cloths are environmentally friendly

Because we hygienically launder our reusable wiping products, they don’t end up in landfills, making them an environmentally friendly and economical alternative to non-woven disposables.

UniFirst cleaning cloths are ideal for use by automotive shops, manufacturers, food processors, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, health & fitness clubs, and other businesses.

See the UniFirst Facility Service Programs Catalog to shop our complete line of wiping rags and related cleanliness products.

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Cleaning Cloth &
Wiper Services

What You Get:

  • Highest quality cloths, towels & wipers
  • Consistent, dependable service
  • Regular pick-up & delivery
  • Hygienic laundering
  • Wide selections
  • Usage-based inventories

Additional Benefits:

  • Highly absorbent materials
  • No upfront investment
  • Inventory control
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reusable & environmentally friendly

Customize a facility service program for your company

Browse our online catalog and choose from facility service products, safety apparel and PPE, and uniforms.

Conveniently customize a facility service program quote for your company.

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