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Promote healthier facility maintenance with green cleaning products

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Save time and money keeping your educational facility clean with a UniFirst Facility Services Program.
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With a UniFirst Facility Service Program, school facility managers don't have to worry about managing and restocking their facility cleaning supplies and restroom products. We help you choose the cleaning products you need to keep your facility looking and functioning its best. Then, on a regular schedule, we’ll visit your institution to pick up all your soiled floor mats, mops, and wiping products, and replace them with fresh, professionally clean ones. We’ll also restock your restroom supplies with hand soaps, sanitizers, paper towels, sanitary tissues, and air fresheners. Soap and sanitizer dispensers are included, and we perform ongoing maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

Green cleaning supplies are safer for both students and the environment

Green Seal Certified

UniFirst offers a variety of environmentally friendly cleaning products, including PVC-free floor mats, water-saving microfiber mops, biodegradable hand soaps, and recycled paper items. When included as part of a fully managed Service Program, your school facility management program can earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points and help you qualify for environmental certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

Compared to buying school cleaning supplies at retail and stocking them yourself, UniFirst Facility Service Programs deliver high quality commercial products as you need them, lowering your storage and maintenance costs, and guaranteeing ongoing, reliable, consistent product availability.

Microfiber savings

UniFirst microfiber programs for educational institutions offer a practical, cost-saving approach to cleaning all types of classroom, office, and common areas. Our full-service microfiber rental programs include laundering and delivery, and offer immediate savings by reducing water, chemical, and labor costs. For most academic facilities, the immediate and dramatic reduction in cleaning chemical costs and labor hours more than pays for UniFirst microfiber mop services and microfiber towel services. Our microfiber cleaning system includes:

  • Microfiber mops
  • Microfiber dusters
  • Microfiber towels
  • Microfiber hardware & buckets

Save 90% or more on commercial cleaning solutions

System only dispenses what you need
Our convenient wall mount dispenser system mixes concentrates and dispenses ready-to-use cleaning solutions at the push of a button.

For dramatic savings in school cleaning products, use our eco-friendly concentrates and automatic dilution control and dispensing system. When you purchase ready-to-use cleaning supplies, you’re paying for 95% water and elaborate packaging. And when you “free pour” concentrates to mix your own cleaning solutions, it’s like pouring money down the drain, because you often use more than is needed. With UniFirst Cleaning Solution Dispensing Services, you get reliable delivery of your concentrated refill cartridges when you need them, and perfectly diluted cleaning solutions, every time, at the simple touch of a button.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety products

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can safeguard workers from on-the-job injuries, and help you comply with safety regulations issued by OSHA and other regulatory agencies. And you can conveniently order these items directly from your dedicated UniFirst Representative and arrange for regular deliveries. See the UniFirst Safety Products Catalog for safety items such as:

  • Hard hats
  • Earplugs
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust masks
  • Work gloves
  • Eyewash stations

See the UniFirst Facility Service Programs Catalog and the Safety Products Catalog for our complete line of green cleaning facility services and safety products.

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Customize a rental program for your company

Browse our online catalog and choose from work uniforms, facility service products, and safety apparel and PPE.

Conveniently customize a rental service program quote for your company.


UniFirst Online Uniform Rental Catalog

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Through value-based Rental, Lease, and Purchase Programs, UniFirst serves all occupations and outfits nearly 2 million uniform wearers daily at 300,000 business customer locations throughout the U.S. & Canada.


Cleaning Solution Dispensing Services

If you're using “ready-to-use” facility cleaning solutions, hand mixing concentrates, or using a “top off” solution delivery service, you could save big on facility cleaning supplies by switching to UniFirst Cleaning Solution Dispensing Services.

  • Comprehensive line of cleaning solutions
  • Convenient wall mounted dispenser, as well as spray bottle options
  • Patented built-in precision metering tips won’t clog
  • Color & number coded products for safety and easy of use
  • English/Spanish labels
  • Wall mounted guide & MSDS sheets included
  • Eco friendly solutions

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